5 Fantastic Reasons to Join Tuttle Ridge Farms’ CSA

1.    PRICE ~ For the price of dinner for two, around $35 a week, you receive a generous amount of organic produce of the highest quality and freshest flavor. Buying directly from the farm, instead of the grocery store, skips the middleman, thus getting you a better deal.

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2.    NUTRITION ~ Improve your diet by accessing more nutritional value on a consistent basis since the produce is organic, picked at its prime and grown locally. Most conventional produce is shipped 1,000 miles, losing much of nutrients in transport. Our produce is usually pick that morning for you share. It doesn’t get much fresher than that, which means it has a better shelf life for you. Much of what you buy in the store is already 3-5 days old by the time it reaches their shelf and then it can be there for several days.

3.    SUSTAINABILITY ~ Supporting the local economy by keeping your hard earned dollars circulating in CT, not only benefiting your health, but the health of the environment also. By supporting a grass roots organization like Tuttle Ridge Farms you are promoting fair trade while getting guaranteed delicious produce weekly.

4.    SERVICE ~ At Tuttle Ridge Farms, you know who grows and handles the produce you eat. You can meet the farmers face to face. You will get farm-fresh recipes along with all the delicious varieties of the vegetables you already love.

5.    ATMOSPHERE ~ By supporting Tuttle Ridge Farms, you’re preserving a local legacy of precious, almost forgotten, farm land. When you pick up your produce, you will benefit from the beautiful setting of Tuttle Ridge Farms, a dynamic and ever-changing eco-system.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.    What would I find in a typical box?• There will be 8 to 10 different products in a typical box. This is subject to availability. Also look at our growing and harvest schedule for an idea what will be in each box weekly.

2.    What new crops will Tuttle Ridge Farms offer in 2015?

• Our newest crop additions are Celery, Brussels Sprouts & Artichokes. We are also experimenting with new winter squash varieties (spaghetti squash and an acorn squash). 

3. What are the Payment Options?

• The installment plan of a deposit then serval  payments. Or 6 month payment plan see CSA page for details 

4. What if I cannot pick up my box up?
• Your box is redistributed on an as need basis if it is not picked up as scheduled. Because you have paid ahead of time you are welcome to send anyone that may be available to help you pick up your box.

5.    Where do we pick up our Share each week?

·       You can pick up at our farm on Tuesday from 11am -5:30pm

·       You can pick up at any of our famers’ market pick up locations (check back for a full 2015 list)

·       We can deliver to you for a 5.00 fee anytime. Please schedule this with us ahead of time.

6.    We cannot use that much food. Will you offer 1⁄2 Boxes? But be nice and share your delious farm fresh picked vegtibles with friend and family. 

• Yes! We offer a half share which means you will receive about half a basket per week. 


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